“Louisa is a fab stylist, she really listened to my needs, made some amazing selections and she showed me pieces that were perfect for my shape. I can’t thank her enough for my capsule wardrobe that works effortlessly, I love everything” 

Mary | E-Styling

“My colour analysis consultation with Louisa was excellent. She really put me at ease and explained very clearly exactly why each colour would suit me. I’m really pleased with the results. Now I need to go shopping!” 

Lottie D.A | Colour Analysis

“Having experimented with wearing so many different colours over the years, I thought I knew what suited me until I came across Lou and her wonderful colour analysis service. With her expert eye, she helped me understand my skin tone and what colours and tones suit me the most. Turns out I had been wearing all the wrong colours over the years, explains why I always look washed out! It’s been a total revelation to me and has been so helpful when shopping. I can rule out so much and it saves the hassle of returning items that don’t suit. I feel my face looks younger and brighter when I stick to my colour palette. Totally worth doing.”

Sarah B | Colour Analysis

“I was so pleased by how effortless it was to do a wardrobe edit with Louisa. I was actually quite embarrassed by how disorganised my wardrobe was but Louisa made me feel totally at ease as we worked methodically through my clothes identifying what to keep, what doesn’t work anymore and what to put on my shopping list. She has given me confidence on how to work my existing wardrobe, giving me lots of tips and ideas for outfit building. I would never have thought to put certain pieces together but I now feel like I have a new wardrobe even though many pieces I’ve owned for years. I now have an organised and less cluttered wardrobe thanks to Louisa and the confidence that what is there suits me, I cannot recommend her services enough!”

Jamie B | Wardrobe Edit

“If you are looking for a non-invasive procedure to make you look healthier and at your best, Louisa should be your first port of call! Her relaxed manner, clearly helps you determine which colours, and more importantly which tones, will make you shine (a little brighter)! You probably have an idea which colours work for you but you may not be 100% right. I love how I learned about some colour options I had thought were no-gos. This means I can actually stray from my staple colours, therefore broadening my choice and wardrobe hues!”

Simon | Colour Analysis

“As a working Mum and in her 40s, I was struggling to find a style that worked for me not only in the office but outside as well. Louisa was excellent with making me think outside the box and mix colours and stripes etc I wouldn’t have thought to! I also gave her a budget which she stuck to and I now have some staples in my wardrobe that I can always turn to. I would highly recommend Louisa to anyone looking to develop their own personal style.”

Sarah F | E-Styling

“I really needed a wardrobe refresh and was totally stuck in a rut of wearing the same boring things every day. After having my colour analysis done, we got to work and it was a revelation for me to realise that I actually had more great styles in my wardrobe than I realised. I just didn’t know how to piece them all together to create outfits that suited me and worked for my lifestyle. I now feel like I have a completely new wardrobe. Great job Louisa!” 

Bella C | Wardrobe Edit

“For years I had always pondered over the idea of having help with a personal stylist but was never sure if they would really get ‘me’ and what I needed. Well, I guess I was wrong! Louisa did an amazing job taking me shopping. She really listened to my requirements and I felt totally at ease. I will now be treating myself to this much needed service on a regular basis. Thank you!”

Clara M | Personal Shopping

“I was in complete need of a new work wardrobe. Having lived in loungewear over the lock down period, I needed a total refresh of my dated work attire. With very little time to spare I opted for the E-Styling service and she got my style, budget and needs spot on!”

Beccy F | E-Styling

“Thank you Louisa for sorting me out with the perfect outfit for a special event. I was in a total panic of what to wear and Louisa came to the rescue! 5 stars!” 

Lanah C | Personal Shopping